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Changing cell phones

Posted by kbaggs on April 15, 2006

Are you thinking about changing to a new cell phone? Does the idea of spending hours tranferring your contacts over to the new phone reason enough not to get that new cell phone. Spark Technology has a solution with their CellStik.

This device looks like a USB memory stick. It has a USB connection at one end, and a phone specific connector at the other. You connect the stick to your phone and it automatically downloads all of your contacts onto the stick. Then you plug the stick into your computer and upload. The bonus, is that the software on the PC allows you to enter and edit your contacts using a full size keyboard. When you’re ready to get the new phone, you just reverse the process above to load up your phone. (note, if you stay with the same phone manufacturer you can use the same CellStik. If you change, you will need 2).


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