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Lookout for Outlook

Posted by kbaggs on March 29, 2006

Along with 2Go SyncIt that I talked about in a previous post. Another one of my favorite utilities is Lookout for Outlook.

It is an add in for MS Outlook that loads into the menu bar. It is the same a the Find function, but far faster. It actually indexes every word of every email as it is added. The first time you run the software it could take 15-20 minutes to index everything. But that is a one time occurance. After that it indexes on the fly. What is great about it is the speed. Just this morning someone asked me about a document I had sent them in Sept. ’05. I simply typed in one key word and had the results back in under 3 seconds.

This product is so good, that Microsoft actually bought them to incorporate into future versions of Office.


One Response to “Lookout for Outlook”

  1. Pam said


    Your product reviews are excellent. Before I was happy with the things that I had and now I want to buy everything that you have reviewed.

    If you have any info on whether to go with HD LCD, or plasma TV, I would be interested in your advice. I am looking for one for the wall in my bedroom so that I can remove my old SONY TV from my dresser.

    Thanks again for your fun and informative blogs.

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